Girls Teen Halloween Costume Ideas

The clock is ticking down to the night that teens love to have fun with – Halloween night! For teen girls, the must have costume isn’t so much a want as a need.


Every teenager wants to have the best costume that says it’s original, it’s fashionable and it has wow potential.


But what to get? That is the million dollar question that you want answered in plenty of time to get prepared for the big events going on the night of all the spooky fun parties.


Start now brainstorming your teen girls Halloween costume ideas.


No girl wants to be caught wearing the same dress another girl has on and no teen wants a costume that looks like a hundred others.


In high school, such a situation just won’t do socially. This year, let her tap into her imagination and come up with a costume that’s so totally her, there can be no mistaking who the best costume belongs to.


With just a few simple accessories, you can create a one of a kind costume or you can easily find one that is as unique as each teen girl is.


Teen girls Halloween costume ideas can come from all sorts of places – so don’t limit yourself.


You can get ideas from movies, from books, from favorite storybook characters and more.


The tip to having a unique costume is to put your own twist to it even if you choose a character (such as one from the popular Twilight sagas) that’s well known.


One costume you can get that hasn’t been overdone is that of a Dragon Geisha Girl and you can buy that costume complete with a kimono and chopsticks for the hair.


For a realistic flair, this costume has a dragon imprint on the front and comes with a folding fan. You can use hair spray paint to darken your hair or simply buy a wig.


Of course, among the teen girls Halloween costume ideas are the costumes depicting various characters from the popular Monster High.


Remember that you can buy a costume and even if someone gets the same costume, once you add your own brand of style to it you might have a completely different look.


But getting some pieces ready made are quicker and maybe less expensive than making it yourself. Take the Monster High Frankie Stein costume for example.


Once you get this outfit, you can add your own little ghoulish twist and rock whichever Halloween party you attend.


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