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A Guide to Buying Halloween Costumes Free Report

New Halloween costumes get shipped from manufacturers to online retailers and local stores each year and parents shop online to find the right costume for the family, school, parties and trick or treating.

Shopping for Halloween costumes can be a little trickier than just shopping for regular clothes. Because it’s a popular holiday, stores everywhere sell out fast – so your first job is to shop early.

Many smart consumers start shopping in the summer before Halloween. This ensures that not only can they find the right costume as far as character or theme goes, but they can also find the right size.

Shopping online is much more convenient because most local stores don’t get their supplies in until pretty close to the holiday and as soon as the costumes arrive, you have to fight off crowds of other parents who are set on getting their kids the right costume too.




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A Guide to Buying Halloween Costumes Free Report



Girls Teen Halloween Costume Ideas

The clock is ticking down to the night that teens love to have fun with – Halloween night! For teen girls, the must have costume isn’t so much a want as a need.


Every teenager wants to have the best costume that says it’s original, it’s fashionable and it has wow potential.


But what to get? That is the million dollar question that you want answered in plenty of time to get prepared for the big events going on the night of all the spooky fun parties.


Start now brainstorming your teen girls Halloween costume ideas.


No girl wants to be caught wearing the same dress another girl has on and no teen wants a costume that looks like a hundred others.


In high school, such a situation just won’t do socially. This year, let her tap into her imagination and come up with a costume that’s so totally her, there can be no mistaking who the best costume belongs to.


With just a few simple accessories, you can create a one of a kind costume or you can easily find one that is as unique as each teen girl is.


Teen girls Halloween costume ideas can come from all sorts of places – so don’t limit yourself.


You can get ideas from movies, from books, from favorite storybook characters and more.


The tip to having a unique costume is to put your own twist to it even if you choose a character (such as one from the popular Twilight sagas) that’s well known.


One costume you can get that hasn’t been overdone is that of a Dragon Geisha Girl and you can buy that costume complete with a kimono and chopsticks for the hair.


For a realistic flair, this costume has a dragon imprint on the front and comes with a folding fan. You can use hair spray paint to darken your hair or simply buy a wig.


Of course, among the teen girls Halloween costume ideas are the costumes depicting various characters from the popular Monster High.


Remember that you can buy a costume and even if someone gets the same costume, once you add your own brand of style to it you might have a completely different look.


But getting some pieces ready made are quicker and maybe less expensive than making it yourself. Take the Monster High Frankie Stein costume for example.


Once you get this outfit, you can add your own little ghoulish twist and rock whichever Halloween party you attend.


Group Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

There is nothing more fun as hanging with your friends, except hanging with your friends at a party or holiday event and even better is hanging out with friends on the spookiest night of the year!


Going solo with a costume can make you look good, but tapping into group Halloween costume ideas for girls can take the good and make it great and there are so many options you can do for costumes.


Let’s look over a few ideas for you to choose from.

One idea is to have every member of your group dress like one of the characters from the hit movie Grease.


It’s easy to find costumes that embody that 50s appeal. Get the blue jeans, roll them up, top it with a white t-shirt, black leather jacket and you have John Travolta all over again.


For Sandy’s character, you have two choices – the pastel yellow button up dress with tennis shoes and white socks or the leather pants wearing girl she turned herself into at the end of the movie.


Of course, if you buy plain pink satin jackets and embroider or iron on the words ‘Pink Ladies’ you can have jackets like the movie, but don’t forget that you can also buy them ready made.


Another great way to get all your friends involved in coming up with Halloween costume ideas for girls is to look at famous television shows that are airing now – for example the Jersey Shore crew.


Did you know that you can actually buy a Snooki wig and Guido costume kits? Your gang would be the reality show hit of the night.


Speaking of your gang, the ever popular Harry Potter characters would make it easier for everyone to go as a group.


You could start with the main characters, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Snape and of course the chillingly evil Voldemort.


If you have enough people in the group, you can expand your dress up characters to include other notable characters from the movie series.


It’s only fitting that for Halloween, one family is given a preferential treatment and that would be the Adams Family.


It would be easy to buy the props to create Gomez and Morticia and all the characters that brought the creepy house to life.


Finally in group Halloween costume ideas for girls you can create a rock star flanked by bodyguards.


This would be an easy look to create and the props (microphone, guitar) would be easy to find as well.


For the bodyguards, have everyone dress in black suits, white shirts, black ties and wear sunglasses.


For an added flair you can have some members of the group dress as paparazzi to flash those cameras!



Good Tips For Face Painting

Face Painting Made EasyFace painting is not only fun, but it is also a very popular activity among many people. Face painting interests people from young children to older adults. There are some things that you can do to achieve some long lasting and professional face painting creations. Here are some face painting tips that will help you achieve the best results.

There are two different types of ways that you can do face painting. You can either do face painting by using paint from tubes or using stick paint. Both are great ways to do face painting, but it is best to experiment with each one to see which method is best for you.

In face painting some people do not realize that to cover a large amount of area it is best to use a sponge. Not only is it much faster to apply the paint with a sponge, but it also applies it evenly on the skin. When you are using a sponge for face painting use multiple sponges to reduce time for washing the previous sponge that you used with a different color.

Face painting can be similar to regular painting in some ways. One way is that your colors will mix if you do not take the time to let the paint dry. The best way to achieve the goal of having the paint dry quickly is to apply filmy layers of paint. This way help the paint not only dry quicker when you are face painting, but it will also strengthen the paint by having multiple coats.

Before you start painting have a painting concept in mind. Whoever you are painting on, whether it be a child or adult, will appreciate you creating a great design in a timely manner. You do not have to have complicated face painting designs in order to achieve a great result. Anyone can appreciate you doing a nice design fluidly. Not only will this make you finish the face painting quicker, but it will also make you look more professional as you do not take time to think about what to add next.

To create designs quickly, feel free to ask the next person in line what type of design they would like just as you are about to finish with your current design. This will help you know what colors you will need to use and will allow you to get immediately organized when you are done with your current design.  Face Painting Made Easy

Baby wipes are a great alternative to such things as tissues and toilet paper in face painting. Baby wipes are already moist and can easily wipe off the wet or dry paint and are they are low in cost. Another benefit of using baby wipes in face painting is that they can absorb more moisture then normal types of tissues. This will come especially handy when you are face painting a large group of people and can also be used to wipe your own hands off.

These good face painting tips will help you work quicker in face painting and help you do face painting with ease. Your face painting results and skills will also look more professional.

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Halloween Costumes for the Plus Size

At long last, there are a lot of Halloween ensembles that can be found in larger sizes. There’s the Sexy Shimmer Witch outfit for ladies that accompanies a dark smaller than usual dress, gleaming, full length jacket and reasonable witch’s cap.

Keep your head, but go to the party as Marie Antoinette in a plus size costume that includes the dress, headpiece, sexy stockings and fan. Think about being a pirate’s wench when you accompany your pirate to the party in a stunning pirate’s wench costume that includes the dress and hat.

Hold on to your head and go to the gathering as Marie Antoinette in a larger size ensemble that incorporates the dress, headpiece, attractive leggings and fan. Consider being a privateer’s vixen when you go with your privateer to the gathering in a dazzling privateer’s vixen outfit that incorporates the dress and cap.

Men can likewise discover hefty measured Halloween outfits on the web. There’s the Black Evil Court Jester ensemble, high contrast or red that incorporates a shirt, pants, scarf cover and headpiece. You can likewise buy gloves and staff independently. He may decide to dress as the tall and fearsome character of Hercules. The bundle incorporates vinyl shield, tunic, cape, arm groups, sleeves, head band and leg monitors.

In case you’re a plus size lady, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty discovering an outfit that delineates your identity – or dream. The Queen of Hearts ensemble is exceedingly conspicuous and comes in hefty sizes. The outfit incorporates the dress with neckline, headpiece and trim. You can buy the playing cards and fishnet hose to finish the look.

Appreciate Halloween dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, looking coy in a blue denim dress. On the off chance that you need to be more threatening, you can go as a vampiress in the Sassy Vampiress Vampire Queen outfit or, as opposed to being Alice – be Malice in Wonderland in a corseted dress, crinoline, overskirt and tights. Obviously, if your heart’s determined to being Alice, you can likewise purchase that outfit in plus sizes.

You can be a shrewd police lady, provocative, strip poker darling or a mafia mobster on Halloween night – or change yourself into a woman privateer or a hot Parisian servant. Enjoy your each dream with such a great amount to browse.

The Gothic Nurse outfit accompanies a short sleeved scaled down dress, stethoscope, play needle – the Sexy School Girl ensemble incorporates a dress with suspenders and tie. You can be the terrible young lady in the workplace by wearing the Office Tramp ensemble with a chiffon nightgown, skirt, neck tie and thong.

Try not to avoid the celebrations of Halloween in light of the fact that you think you can’t discover an ensemble that fits. Plus sizes for Halloween costumes can be found in wealth on the web.

Good Family Halloween Costumes for 2015

Do you anticipate having a family-style Halloween? In case you’re considering sprucing up the family in look alike outfits, there are a wealth of thoughts and ensembles accessible. Once in a while it’s hard to pick, so here are a few thoughts to make it simpler.

They can be unpleasant and they are nutty – The Addams Family TV arrangement reruns are the absolute most viewed by today’s children and grown-ups. Children adore them, and the outfits are certain to give a ghoulish cast to you’re family-style Halloween. Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Uncle Fester can all wake up when you spruce up your family in these novel Halloween outfits, complete with wigs.

In the event that you need a senseless and fun search for Halloween, dress your family in the different Sesame Street character outfits that are accessible online – characters, for example, Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie, and even the Cookie Monster are certain to amuse your whole gang.

You can even pick characters from your most loved toons. Father may decide to be the lovable Great Dane canine and dress in an outfit that incorporates the body, hood, gloves and feet.  Mother may need to amaze the group by dressing as the pixie adoptive parent from Cinderella – and the children can let their creative abilities run wild when they look over the wide exhibit of youngsters’ outfits.

Some Halloween ensemble thoughts may incorporate outfits from the 50s – poodle skirts, pig tails and bobby socks were the style then, and now they make bright and fun Halloween outfits. Consider sprucing up your family for Halloween as characters from the motion picture, “Wizard of Oz.”

There is Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and the Wizard. You’ll find everything from makeup, wigs and loads of other ideas online which can be an easy way to shop and you will get everything you need and in the correct sizes.

You can even backtrack in time and realize some history by sprucing up your family as Roman Soldiers or Greek Gladiators, Cleopatra and goddesses from a period when attire demonstrated your riches and position in the public arena. These ensembles are well-made and simple to get in and out of and permit space for layering underneath with the goal that you’ll stay warm when the wind starts to wail.

A scarier topic for Halloween could be ensembles, for example, witches and warlocks, devils and skeletons. Thoughts flourish online for ways that you can make this Halloween one that your entire family will never forget.

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