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A Guide to Buying Halloween Costumes Free Report

New Halloween costumes get shipped from manufacturers to online retailers and local stores each year and parents shop online to find the right costume for the family, school, parties and trick or treating.

Shopping for Halloween costumes can be a little trickier than just shopping for regular clothes. Because it’s a popular holiday, stores everywhere sell out fast – so your first job is to shop early.

Many smart consumers start shopping in the summer before Halloween. This ensures that not only can they find the right costume as far as character or theme goes, but they can also find the right size.

Shopping online is much more convenient because most local stores don’t get their supplies in until pretty close to the holiday and as soon as the costumes arrive, you have to fight off crowds of other parents who are set on getting their kids the right costume too.




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A Guide to Buying Halloween Costumes Free Report



Girls Teen Halloween Costume Ideas

The clock is ticking down to the night that teens love to have fun with – Halloween night! For teen girls, the must have costume isn’t so much a want as a need.


Every teenager wants to have the best costume that says it’s original, it’s fashionable and it has wow potential.


But what to get? That is the million dollar question that you want answered in plenty of time to get prepared for the big events going on the night of all the spooky fun parties.


Start now brainstorming your teen girls Halloween costume ideas.


No girl wants to be caught wearing the same dress another girl has on and no teen wants a costume that looks like a hundred others.


In high school, such a situation just won’t do socially. This year, let her tap into her imagination and come up with a costume that’s so totally her, there can be no mistaking who the best costume belongs to.


With just a few simple accessories, you can create a one of a kind costume or you can easily find one that is as unique as each teen girl is.


Teen girls Halloween costume ideas can come from all sorts of places – so don’t limit yourself.


You can get ideas from movies, from books, from favorite storybook characters and more.


The tip to having a unique costume is to put your own twist to it even if you choose a character (such as one from the popular Twilight sagas) that’s well known.


One costume you can get that hasn’t been overdone is that of a Dragon Geisha Girl and you can buy that costume complete with a kimono and chopsticks for the hair.


For a realistic flair, this costume has a dragon imprint on the front and comes with a folding fan. You can use hair spray paint to darken your hair or simply buy a wig.


Of course, among the teen girls Halloween costume ideas are the costumes depicting various characters from the popular Monster High.


Remember that you can buy a costume and even if someone gets the same costume, once you add your own brand of style to it you might have a completely different look.


But getting some pieces ready made are quicker and maybe less expensive than making it yourself. Take the Monster High Frankie Stein costume for example.


Once you get this outfit, you can add your own little ghoulish twist and rock whichever Halloween party you attend.


Group Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

There is nothing more fun as hanging with your friends, except hanging with your friends at a party or holiday event and even better is hanging out with friends on the spookiest night of the year!


Going solo with a costume can make you look good, but tapping into group Halloween costume ideas for girls can take the good and make it great and there are so many options you can do for costumes.


Let’s look over a few ideas for you to choose from.

One idea is to have every member of your group dress like one of the characters from the hit movie Grease.


It’s easy to find costumes that embody that 50s appeal. Get the blue jeans, roll them up, top it with a white t-shirt, black leather jacket and you have John Travolta all over again.


For Sandy’s character, you have two choices – the pastel yellow button up dress with tennis shoes and white socks or the leather pants wearing girl she turned herself into at the end of the movie.


Of course, if you buy plain pink satin jackets and embroider or iron on the words ‘Pink Ladies’ you can have jackets like the movie, but don’t forget that you can also buy them ready made.


Another great way to get all your friends involved in coming up with Halloween costume ideas for girls is to look at famous television shows that are airing now – for example the Jersey Shore crew.


Did you know that you can actually buy a Snooki wig and Guido costume kits? Your gang would be the reality show hit of the night.


Speaking of your gang, the ever popular Harry Potter characters would make it easier for everyone to go as a group.


You could start with the main characters, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Snape and of course the chillingly evil Voldemort.


If you have enough people in the group, you can expand your dress up characters to include other notable characters from the movie series.


It’s only fitting that for Halloween, one family is given a preferential treatment and that would be the Adams Family.


It would be easy to buy the props to create Gomez and Morticia and all the characters that brought the creepy house to life.


Finally in group Halloween costume ideas for girls you can create a rock star flanked by bodyguards.


This would be an easy look to create and the props (microphone, guitar) would be easy to find as well.


For the bodyguards, have everyone dress in black suits, white shirts, black ties and wear sunglasses.


For an added flair you can have some members of the group dress as paparazzi to flash those cameras!



Adult Halloween Costumes 2015

Halloween is truly a special time of the year when autumn is here and we get ready for the holidays.   Adults love to play dress up and even a little bit of make believe and pretending should the mood move them.  


Having an excellent costume for a Halloween party for passing out candy or otherwise potentially spooky event, can make the night all the more fun and fantastic.  Adults should not have to settle for whatever is left on the rack simply because they are a little bit older and a plus size.  


Adult costume stores have actually noticed an increase in adult costume demands over the past few years and adults who wish to partake of the ghoulish fun are seeking the right costume for just the right occasion.  


Adult costumes are not just for Halloween, but also for other fun activities such as cosplay, masquerade parties, office party and other special functions.


Sexy Halloween costumes are becoming the new classics.  Some of the most popular sexy Halloween costumes include belly dancer costumes, Middle and Far Eastern costumes. Done with a little bit of taste, these costumes can be quite alluring and even a little mischievous.


For a sexy Halloween costume that combines a little sexy flair with a little pixie mischief, a strong selection of Celtic fairy or gypsy costumes can bring out a woman’s qualities with a sense of fun and fantasy.


Men can also consider a sexy Halloween costume as a strong option. With recent pirate movies bringing the legends of piracy to a new level, many men are looking dapper and downright hot in the right pirate Halloween costume. Greek and Roman God costumes are undoubtedly sexy and probably the only time the use of a toga can be rather appealing.


Adult Halloween costumes are hard to find in some locations throughout the United States and beyond. While a few select towns have excellent adult Halloween costume stores, most do not carry a large enough selection, nor do they cater to the adult’s special interest.


A petite woman can squeeze into a large child’s costume, but it usually doesn’t bring any flair to a party when she shows up in Junior’s Spongebob costume.

Adults have the opportunity once a year to indulge themselves in their alter ego and this one night is especially set aside to allow for a little fantasy and play.


The costuming that an adult chooses can really give them a night of alter ego indulgence with the utmost appropriateness.


Whether a woman simply wants to be a Goddess for the evening or she wants to become a major league baseball player or a man wants to play out his role as Peter Pan or Donald Duck, this is the night to let it all hang out. Finding the perfect costume is part of playing out an alter ego.


The perfect adult Halloween costume might be something completely off the wall and other fun and play adult Halloween costumes might include something more along the lines of gangster costumes, flapper costumes, ghoulish freaky and scary costumes, cave man and cave woman costumes,  Whatever might be the funny joke of the evening can now be found online.



The use of the internet has revolutionized an adult’s ability to find their perfect adult Halloween costume without tremendous expense, time or energy.


After all, this can be a busy time of the year and who has the time to search through fifteen mail order catalogs to find simple, generic costumes that won’t let you stand out?


Some people are searching for historical adult Halloween costumes, from George Washington to George Washington Carver, historical costumes are making a significant come back, especially for the baby boomer generation who may not have had ample opportunity to dress up and play for Halloween throughout their adult life.



Historical costumes allow for dressing up without getting too far away from traditional, which can help a resistant dress up participant grow into the idea of playing for Halloween.


Baby boomers lived their adulthood during a time when grown ups didn’t get the change to dress up too often.


The rules have since relaxed and maybe it’s time for those over fifty to let their hair down or pin it up, all in the name of fun.


Of course, men and women alike can also find their perfect warrior costume to present their pent up aggression to the world for a night. In work places where dressing up is allowed, this may provide some excellent relief with a little humor for the day.  


Adult Halloween costumes now come in every era from prehistoric to the eighties generation and whether you are seeking to spice it up with flair or become the strong and mighty outlaw who may very well save the world, dressing up for Halloween gives you that chance.


It is a definite relief that it has become more acceptable for adults to dress up for the night.


After all, adults deal with a tremendous amount of stress that needs to be released and the perfect adult Halloween costume can play a vital role in this process while allowing the kid in all of us to come out and play if even just for one night.



Mens Plus Size Halloween Costumes Review



Men’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Men can also find plus sized Halloween costumes online. There’s the Black Evil Court Jester costume, black and white or red that includes a shirt, pants, sash mask and headpiece. You can also purchase gloves and scepter separately. He may choose to dress as the tall and fearsome character of Hercules. The package includes vinyl armor, tunic, cape, arm bands, cuffs, head band and leg guards.

If you are a plus sized man, you won’t have any trouble finding a costume that depicts your personality or fantasy. Don’t shy away from the festivities of Halloween because you think you can’t find a costume that fits. Plus sizes can be found in abundance online here!



Popular Boy’s Teen Halloween Costumes

When it comes to boy tweens choosing a Halloween costume can be as much about what is trending or cool as it is about what they like. You can now find fancier costumes targeted for tweens for Halloween, in fact the choices are are many – so be creative.

The fact of it is, Halloween is becoming a holiday that can be enjoyed by the whole family – not just the very young.


The cartoons, movies, and comics have made these characters popular with all age groups. While a simple costume may seem childish, a few tweaks and it can be sexy and cool. Everyone loves a super hero, and you are sure to see a few of these flying about your town on Halloween night.


Another member in the superhero lineup, the darker side of Batman seems perfectly suited for Halloween, especially the version from Batman Returns. Like the Superman costume, this is a classic for all ages, though certain detailing will definitely differentiate and adult/teen costume from a child’s costume.


The popularity of soldier costumes seems to be increasing over the years. This costume can be relatively easy to put together with all the camouflage clothing that is readily available and add some face paint and your look is complete. Parents should be aware, however, that this costume does offer low visibility to oncoming traffic at night.

Ghosts and demons

These costumes are also relatively easy to put together with the help of a mask and/or some face paint, making them a popular choice for young adults on the go. The “Scream” movie ghost is one popular addition to this category.


Bad spelling aside, these clown costumes are marketed towards the young adult crowd. They have a more modern design look to them, and are not as scary as an adult costume might be but not as silly as a child’s costume. Instead of the robes usually worn, these costumes often utilize jackets and jumpers, making them popular with teens.

Fading light Phantoms

For teens willing to spend a little extra money on their Halloween costume, these specialty masks can give a spooky effect after dark. Basically the mask includes mounted lights that are set to fade in and out, creating a creepy effect in the dark. Add to that they are easy to wear, and it is no wonder they are so popular with teens.

Parents should keep in mind that many young adult costumes are not designed to be as visible to cars and other people as a child’s costume might be. Because of this, some parents may choose to attach reflective tape to the costume in some fashion or have their children carry flashlights or glow sticks to make them more visible to oncoming traffic.


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Top Halloween Party Ideas

Top Halloween Party IdeasArranging a Halloween gathering can be an exceptionally fun thing to do. Whether you will be facilitating grown-ups, kids, or a blend of both, Halloween gatherings are fun and energizing to have and to go to.

To help arrange your Halloween party, and have it be the year’s occasion, here are a few thoughts to kick you off in you’re arranging:

1 – The primary thing you have to do is to choose a financial plan for your gathering and on the off chance that you will be having grown-ups, youngsters, or both in participation. When you have settled on these choices then the time has come to begin arranging your occasion.

2 – Sustenance and beverages are dependably a major piece of any Halloween party. Here you can be exceptionally innovative with things, for example, “scabs” other astute known as dried cranberries. Draining, oozing and disgusting cupcakes or things which look like eyeballs are by and large a hit. Alternately, you can also go with a more customary type of treats and sweets.

3 – For drinks for your gathering you can make an incredible vile punch out of lemonade, sugar, meringue powder, and seltzer water. To this include some green sustenance shading and blend. The blend will be disgusting and foamy.

4 – Continuously a fun thought at Halloween gatherings is the expansion of dry ice to refreshments. This will make them send off haze and is dependably a hit with both grown-ups and kids.

5 – Designs and decorations for Halloween is fun, entertaining and you can make gravestones in the yard with straightforward Styrofoam set patterns and even hang lights and apparitions in your trees. Inside your home you can adorn with cobwebs and other spooky things which you can buy at any neighborhood store amid the Halloween season.

6 – For a Halloween party you need your home to be faintly lit yet not very dim with the goal that individuals are stumbling over things. Likewise a mist machine or cauldrons with dry ice in them can give an extraordinary impact.

7 – Music is always pleasant for a Halloween party. Then again, as opposed to make them play in the room your visitors will be in, take a stab at setting your tunes in a close by room with the goal that individuals can in any case talk and live it up. On the off chance that you host a grown-up gathering you could probably play some scarier music.

8 – Playing Halloween games is always a hit at any Halloween party and a fun game for adults is charades using scary movies and themes.  For children, bobbing for apples can be fun if the weather and space allow for it.  Also, contests for the best costume always go over well.  Be sure to let your guests know this when you send out your invitations.


Top 25 Most Haunted U.S. Destinations

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Step By Step Awesome Pumpkin Painting

Easy Pumpkin PaintingLittle youngsters are anticipating Halloween. It is the time when they can play tricks on different children and friends and family.  Beside that, they additionally get an opportunity to request confections and different treats from the distinctive houses they visit. Amid Halloween, you will regularly see gardens designed with pumpkins. In the event that you might want to put pumpkins on your yards, you will need plans for pumpkin painting.

Decorating and painting pumpkins is not that difficult and when the Halloween season is near, you can start looking for excellent decorating ideas.  Make this year an extra memorable one. You can decorate the pumpkins together with your family and closest friends. There are fast ways to do this task, just read on and you will find out.

First and foremost you have to shop for a pumpkin that has a flat bottom surface. It doesn’t have to be really flat; a bit flat surface will do even on one side. You will need this if you have kids joining the painting session. But if you’re all older adults then any pumpkin will do.

Once you have purchased the pumpkins, drop by a local paint or craft store. Buy acrylic paints because this is suitable for pumpkin painting. You can get the paints in bigger bottles, enough for the whole family. You can get different colors especially if you have kids helping out so that they can create their own crazy designs.

Before you start the painting session you must determine first the design. Teach the kids the steps in painting. You can create scary designs or even funny designs. You can find a lot of designs on the net even if you log on for just several minutes. You just have to type the words ‘pumpkin painting’ and the results will be displayed on the screen.

You can even create faces of celebrities. This is rather difficult because you have to concentrate on the details of the face. You can put wigs and ties on the pumpkins to accentuate the face of the pumpkin. To make a good face design on the pumpkins, you simply have to put the distinguishing feature of the celebrity and exagerate it a bit.

You can also make other designs aside from the faces. You can make monster designs, animal designs and many others. Pick something that you are interested in so that it will be a lot easier to paint on the pumpkin.

Aside from the acrylic paints, you need to buy paint brushes and small containers where you can mix and match the paints. Once you know the particular design, you can start painting. Sit in a circle and put some newspapers on the center. Put the paints, brushes and other materials over the newspaper. Give each family member a pumpkin and then you can start painting.

This is a very exciting activity for the whole family and among friends for the upcoming Halloween.  Do your pumpkin painting a day before Halloween, this way, you can prepare for your costumes, treats, candies and other things that you will use for the special occasion. Enjoy pumpkin painting with your family and friends. This year’s Halloween will surely be extra memorable.


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Best Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Numerous children adore the Halloween holiday. There are gatherings, outfits and each kid’s top choice – is the sweets. Attempting to keep children entertained until Halloween night can require great persistence – here are some simple Halloween crafts that you can use to keep the children entertained.

Apparition manikins (also known as Ghost puppets) are anything but difficult to make and can move hours of innovative play. Get a white hanky, dark marker, and an elastic band. Wrap the tissue over your tyke’s center three fingers, secure with an elastic band, and draw on eyes and a mouth with the marker. You can likewise put the cardboard from a paper towel move and stuff the head with cotton balls in the event that you need a more changeless manikin.

On the off chance that you are anticipating distributing candies as a component of your treats for trick or-treating, you children can assist you with adorning them. Spread the candy with a tissue, tying safely with an elastic band or bit of lace. Utilize a marker to draw eyes and mouth on your phantoms and they are prepared for giving.

Take three craft sticks and paste them together with the goal that they make a star shape. Taking white or dark yarn, weave it more than one specialty stick and under the following, working your path outwards from the middle. When it is done, paste down the end and join a plastic creepy crawly. Your creation is presently prepared for hanging.

For Candy Cauldrons – Locate an unfilled plastic holder and paint it dark. You will likewise need to paint three little wooden balls dark also. When everything is totally dry, stick the balls to the cauldron’s base. Include a wire handle in the event that you would like, and fill your cauldron with your most loved Halloween confections.

Pumpkin cutting is a touch muddled and troublesome and can be unsafe in the event that you don’t want little kids taking care of the blade. Rather, get some indelible markers or acrylics and paint your pumpkin to resemble a creature, clown, or other Halloween character. For children, the littler “pie pumpkins” or even the smaller than expected pumpkins will work splendidly for this art.

For Paper plate masks – While your youngster will most likely be unable to spruce up in their outfit until the day or night of Halloween, you can without much of a stretch make your own covers. Help your youngster cut eyes and breathing gaps out of a paper plate. Punch a gap on either side to append a lace or string to tie the cover on. At that point you can permit your kid to adorn the veil with colored pencils, marker, paint, or by sticking things to it.

Buy some reusable material totes or shopping sacks and in addition some Halloween-shaded fabric paint. You can likewise search for iron-on exchanges and stencils to make enhancing less demanding. Permit your children to adorn their own particular pack. On the off chance that you do this a couple of days before Halloween, it will be dry and prepared for trick- or-treating.


Good Tips For Face Painting

Face Painting Made EasyFace painting is not only fun, but it is also a very popular activity among many people. Face painting interests people from young children to older adults. There are some things that you can do to achieve some long lasting and professional face painting creations. Here are some face painting tips that will help you achieve the best results.

There are two different types of ways that you can do face painting. You can either do face painting by using paint from tubes or using stick paint. Both are great ways to do face painting, but it is best to experiment with each one to see which method is best for you.

In face painting some people do not realize that to cover a large amount of area it is best to use a sponge. Not only is it much faster to apply the paint with a sponge, but it also applies it evenly on the skin. When you are using a sponge for face painting use multiple sponges to reduce time for washing the previous sponge that you used with a different color.

Face painting can be similar to regular painting in some ways. One way is that your colors will mix if you do not take the time to let the paint dry. The best way to achieve the goal of having the paint dry quickly is to apply filmy layers of paint. This way help the paint not only dry quicker when you are face painting, but it will also strengthen the paint by having multiple coats.

Before you start painting have a painting concept in mind. Whoever you are painting on, whether it be a child or adult, will appreciate you creating a great design in a timely manner. You do not have to have complicated face painting designs in order to achieve a great result. Anyone can appreciate you doing a nice design fluidly. Not only will this make you finish the face painting quicker, but it will also make you look more professional as you do not take time to think about what to add next.

To create designs quickly, feel free to ask the next person in line what type of design they would like just as you are about to finish with your current design. This will help you know what colors you will need to use and will allow you to get immediately organized when you are done with your current design.  Face Painting Made Easy

Baby wipes are a great alternative to such things as tissues and toilet paper in face painting. Baby wipes are already moist and can easily wipe off the wet or dry paint and are they are low in cost. Another benefit of using baby wipes in face painting is that they can absorb more moisture then normal types of tissues. This will come especially handy when you are face painting a large group of people and can also be used to wipe your own hands off.

These good face painting tips will help you work quicker in face painting and help you do face painting with ease. Your face painting results and skills will also look more professional.

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Best Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

The dream series Game of Thrones has some noteworthy characters. These characters are ideal to take on the appearance of for Halloween. One of the prominent characters is Daenerys Targaryen.  Her outfit comprises of a blue shroud with a hood on the back and a basic sleeveless blue dress. For the ensemble to look reasonably like the character, you’ll need to finish the look by getting a wig to oblige it.

You’ll need to search for a particular blonde wig. This wig has very nearly waist length hair and the strands of hair look practically wispy when you take a look at it. There are a couple strands of hair on every side of the wig that are plaited together and hang down in the back.

Another awesome Game of Thrones character ensemble is a Khaleesi warrior princess one. This outfit is a light blue outfit that has a long opening up one side of the dress. It has an assembled waist with steel embellishments at the waist. You can likewise finish this ensemble off with a wig and add a mythical serpent egg accessory to adorn.

In the event that you need observe Halloween by picking a couples’ ensemble you’ll discover a lot of thoughts from the characters on this show. You can go as adoration hobbies or as scoundrels. Whatever you pick, you’re certain to win best ensemble with these.

For the female piece of a couple’s outfit, you could go in one that is intended to resemble the character of Catelyn Stark. Her ensemble is a streaming robe style dress that streams the distance to the floor.

It has long sleeves that are structure fitting at the shoulders yet surge out toward the end so that the hands can stay tucked outside of anyone’s ability to see. The ensemble is trimmed in gold periphery along the sleeves’ edge and the outfit’s base. There is a raised trim part at the outfit’s front for simple portability, which will keep you from stumbling over the ensemble’s length.

For a male ensemble, you could go as the character of Robb Stark. This ensemble highlights a shirt, pants with a draw string waist, a doublet, belt and boot tops. You can embellish this outfit with gloves, a sword and a shroud. You can get a warrior shroud that is trimmed in artificial hide to finish the outfit and give it that medieval look.

In case you’re searching for a character with somewhat more eminence, then you can pick an ensemble that speaks to the lords of Game of Thrones. This outfit has an exceptionally well off look to it. It comprises of a tunic with a cape that is trimmed with false hide. It additionally has a wide, medieval belt, boot spreads, gloves and a crown.

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